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"I hate you for giving up on me. I hate you for giving up on us. I hate you for hurting me. I hate you for making me cry. I hate you for leaving me. I hate you for not being there when I needed you the most. I hate you for what you’ve done. I hate you for ruining everything we had. I hate you for making me trust you when you were just gonna break that trust. I hate you for making me love you so much. Mostly, I hate you for making me a fool because I still love you despite everything you put me through."


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1. When you left I spent the entire night begging you not to go and screaming into my pillow because you literally shattered my fucking heart.

2. You made a complete fool of me. I never want love to make me feel that way again

3. I lost pieces of myself I never even knew you got ahold of when you left.

4. I never felt like you missed me too so I never bothered to come back

5. You know what I hate how the certainty of you not talking to me still fucking bothers me

6. Now that you’re gone, I see a lot of your flaws more clearly. You’re an asshole. I hate that I still love you

7. I will never let love let me become blind again.

8. I hope you wake up sometimes and think of me. I hope your heart fucking aches.

9. I know I’ll be fine without you, but it still fucking hurts everyday that you’re gone. I don’t know if it’s slowly getting better, or worse.

10. I hope some day I fall in love with someone who makes me laugh and smile, and makes me never think of your name again. I hope you look at how happy I am and regret losing me.

10 lonely things I’ve thought of about you (via missinyouiskillingme)